Zookeeper Put This Box Outside. But When The Tigers Peek In, We All Get A Surprise


This zookeeper made up his mind, he was going to find out if tigers, leopards, lions and other large zoo animals would have the same reaction to cardboard boxes as their smaller counterparts. Placing cardboard boxes inside the enclosures of these majestic (yet fearsome) creatures produces a hilarious response. These large cats react in much the same way that smaller ones would, by climbing inside of them, pushing them around with their heads and generally behaving in much the same manner that a domestic cat would under the same circumstances. For those of you who would like to envision a world where our larger animals behave the same way that our smaller ones do, this video will seem like a little slice of heaven.

Big cats are not all that much different from the smaller members of the animal kingdom and by placing cardboard boxes inside of their enclosures, these larger animals are able to tap into their fun loving side and let their hair down a bit. Some of them are content with pushing the boxes back and forth, others tried to climb inside, and some (like our friend Joseph) broke down their boxes in order to lie down flat on top of them.

These hilarious results teach us that big cats are not to be feared, that they are more like domestic cats than we could have ever realized. Be sure to share this video with all of your fellow animal lovers, as they will definitely enjoy this insider’s look at what life is life is like in the zoo.

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