Zombie Dog Alert! She Got Hit By A Car & Buried Alive, But Managed To Dig Herself Out


A Good Samaritan thought he was doing a good deed by putting a stray dog out of her misery after she was hit by a car. He struck the dog on its head given what he assumed was a fatal blow and then Theia the dog was buried on nearby farm property. Several days later Theia wobbled her way up to the farmhouse, miraculously she was still alive but her injuries were severe. Theia is well-known in the Moses Lake community in Washington. Many of the local farmers fed he daily.
After it was discovered that Theia was still alive she was taken to the Washington State University Veterinarian School. Her injuries include: a dislocated jaw, a caved in sinus cavity, and leg injuries.
Theia now suffers damage to her sinus and nasal nerve which causes her to have trouble breathing through her nose. Her mouth and throat are severely swollen. Theia is unable to sleep properly so she is extremely exhausted. Theia’s foster care giver Sara Mellado has vowed to be by her side through this entire ordeal and until she finds a loving home.
Theia will need to undergo surgery to repair her sinus cavity, which is thought to be the result of the blow given by the would be Good Samaritan. The surgery is very costly and thanks to many other Good Samaritans by way of Go Fund Me, funds have surpassed what was needed to complete her care and treatment. More than $26, 000 has been raised and the goal was only for $10,000.
Theia has been featured on Fox news and she has her own Facebook Fan page maintained by Mellado to keep the public posted on Theia’s progress. This one year old bulldog mix do has latched on to many hearts and it just goes to show that miracles still happen. After all Theia was abandoned, a car hit her, she survived being hit over the head and being buried while she was still alive.

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