You’ve Probably Heard The Phrase: It Takes A Village,” Well That Certainly Applies In This Story.


Some people care about animals to the extent that they will go way out of their way to help an animal that has been hurt or needs a bit of human ingenuity to help the animal survive. This little video shows exactly how a caring woman and a troupe of Cub Scouts made all the difference in the world to a dog that had been crippled by a car.

Little Noah is a one-year old dachshund beagle mix that was on the way to being euthanized by Atlanta’s Animal Control Department because the dog’s injuries were so severe that the dog could not walk and could only pull itself along with its hind legs. A lady named Vandie Enloe rescued Noah from certain death even though she insists that she is not an animal rescuer.

The local Cub Scout Troop 513 became aware of Noah’s plight and determined to devise something to help the dog get about like a normal dog. The boys were not engineers although their results indicate they may have a future as engineers and designers. They made a simple device with wheels from PVC pipe that allowed Noah to “walk” as best as he could.

Noah is now ready for adoption into a new foster home thanks to a lady that took the time to care and some “little boys” with big hearts and a ton of ingenuousness.

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