You’ve All Watched A Baby Dance Inside The Womb Before, But This Little Guy Takes It Up A Notch!


We are expecting a blessed event and we cannot wait. We work for months preparing for parenthood. We open the pages of our prenatal magazines and we are mesmerized by the picture of mommy in her perfect white sundress, holding a beautiful little bundle of joy that is sleeping soundly. We have fantasies of rocking our baby in a soft shawl blanket, while we sing lullabies. Then we place our precious cargo into his crib and mommy and daddy back out of the nursery, hand-in-hand. This is not reality. There will be more nights where mom and dad take turns walking the baby than there will be of them looking at the angelic being in the crib. White sundresses will probably hang in the closet while mom tries to find the tee shirt with the fewest stains. Lullabies are forgotten the closer the clock gets to morning. Mom may find herself singing “go to sleep, go to sleep, when will you go to slee-eep”

Soon we realize that our baby has a personality of his very own and he makes that personality known while still in the womb. Every pregnant mom-to-be has experienced the sensation of their baby having a surge of energy, just as she settles down for a relaxing evening. Sure, she can buy that caramel mocha Frappuccino, but get it to close to the baby bump and watch that cup fly! They kick and they roll and send the message that there will be no down time for mom in the near future. The little guy in this video takes the experience to a whole new level. I am not sure how much longer mom-to-be will be able to hold this little fellow back, as he seems to be ready to take on the world. If his prenatal activities are any indication, I would say we will have another world class athlete on our team. As for mommy, she may not have a full night’s sleep for a few years. She may trade in her dancing shoes for track shoes so she can keep up. But, she would not have it any other way.

This mom-to-be decided on a lovely day of pampering at her favorite salon in preparation for her big event. She reclined and settled in for a luxurious shampoo. She closed her eyes and exhaled preparing for some much deserved mommy time. And at that moment, baby seemed to wake-up. What’s this? Resting? We will see about that! The warm up was a few kicks, a little stretching and maybe a jump or two. But soon, Junior was in full gymnastics mode complete with cartwheels, handstands and a few tuck and rolls. Mom is doing all she can, not to flip over as her little guy summersaults and plunges. Check out this video and judge for yourself.

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