A Young Girl Is In The Way Of Six Pit Bulls And Their Food. My Heart Can’t Take It!


This video starts off with an image that might be hard for people to stomach. Seeing a little girl, who is all of four years old, surrounded by pit bulls can be difficult. When we see pit bulls, our minds immediately jump to all of the destruction that they can cause and some of us may even wonder if this poor little girl is about to be ripped from limb to limb.

The situation may seem very dangerous, but those of us who stick around and watch the entire video are in for quite the surprise. Even though this little girl is standing between six hungry pit bulls and their long awaited meal, the end result is nothing like you would have expected it to be.

While the pit bulls certainly do their fair share of staring down, their behavior comes at a pleasant surprise. They watch their food intently, with zero malice or intimidation. The patient pit bulls simply sit back and wait their turn to eat. Six male pit bulls who are starved for supper and a small child might seem like a bad combination, but this clip disproves the notion, post haste.

How do you feel about pit bulls? Are you afraid of this particular breed of dog? Have you had bad experiences with them in the past? Take time out to tell us your stories about pit bulls in the comment section and let us know your opinion on the matter!

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