You’ll Never Believe What This Boxer Does Every Morning! I’m Stunned.


One of the funniest things about the video of Chaos is that the dog always slides down the steps on its right side. Possibly stair sliding sleepy dogs are partial to one side of their body. The dog may have learned that sliding on the right side gets the dog in just the right position for taking a slide on the next set of steps. The absolutely funniest thing about the performance is that the dog hardly stands up at all. The dog pauses on each stoop to wallow about on its side and back to position itself for the next flight of steps and only stands up for a few seconds on one stoop to get in the right position for the next slide. Maybe, walking in the morning is just not on the dog’s list.
Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 1.06.20 AM

In one scene, Chaos looks at his owner or the person taking the film. The dog’s expression seems to say “Just, what are you looking at”. Then the dog takes the next flight of steps lying down apparently oblivious to humans and their wonderment at this morning ritual. After four and possibly five flights of steps Chaos finally reaches the ground level and lies down for a rest after the labor intensive slide. The frantic jazz background music just adds to the comedy of laziness.

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