You Wouldn’t Recognize What Dog Breed She Is. But Her Transformation Will Leave You In Awe


She had been mistreated to the point where her breed was almost unrecognizable. After making a home in the same neighborhood of Los Angeles for quite some time, she was finally picked up by a courteous citizen who simply wanted to help her. Penelope was left to wonder if she was being taken to a better place, a place where her relentless suffering and torment could finally come to a peaceful end.After a life of being considered so ugly that schoolchildren would not even venture to go near her, Penelope was brought to a shelter. At long last, she would have a warm place to sleep and receive a bath. She was also given a regular supply of food and water for the first time in ages, which greatly helped her overall prognosis.

Although the shelter workers were forced to do some additional poking and prodding to help nurse Penelope back to health, this was nothing compared to the suffering she had gone through during her long, grueling days of living on the sweltering Los Angeles streets. Being able to sleep in a warm cage and have her fill of food and water was a paradise compared to what she had experienced.

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