You won’t believe who recorded the most special day of this couple! They “hired” this girl…


The wedding day, is one of the most beautiful days in the world. They say that the wedding day is one of the most special days we will ever experience. I think I am a little bit too far from it, but from what I can see, I think it is really pretty special. What is most special, is the planning of the wedding. So when this couple decided to have a Winter Wonderland Wedding, they also decided to make their wedding day even more unique. You won’t believe who recorded the most special day of this couple. They decided to “hire” their Husky dog Ryder to record the whole thing.

From what I saw, it looked really beautiful. It is really amazing to see a wedding from a dog’s perspective. In the video you will see that the guess of honor starts her recording first thing in the morning. She follows her mommy everywhere in the house, since the moment she woke up, until the party at the cozy cottage in the middle of the Winter-land! I have to admit that I truly love everything about this video. Starting from the idea of a Winter Wonderland Wedding, to the girl that recorded this whole day. It is so original, and special. Looks like a really happy, simple, lovely wedding.

I gotta love the idea that people count in their pets, to make these events even more special. We all have to know that pets are part of our lives, therefore thy should also be part of our happiest days. They deserve to see everything that happens first-hand. We have to show them that we love them, they don’t need our words only. If you guys like this idea, then you can think how to make your pets a crucial guest to your special events. Trust me thy will not let you down!

Source: Ilovemydogsomuch

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