I Didn’t Think My Heart Could Explode In Just 36 Seconds. But Oh My Gosh, This Did It.


This clip certainly brings those old cartoons to mind and the little penguin you are about to see is every bit as adorable. The tiny little penguin has decided that the man in the video is his father or at the very least, a long lost pal. The way he chases the man is absolutely priceless and you will have to laugh, just to keep your heart from melting into a puddle.

The man seems to be minding his own business and the viewer is then left to wonder how in the heck a baby penguin managed to find him in the first place. Aren’t they supposed to reside at the North Pole or something along those lines? Maybe this penguin is latching onto the man because the little guy is lost.

Even when the man tries to run to get away from the little penguin, the penguin simply runs after him, keeping with his every stride. At this point, the man cannot even be angry with the penguin, because its tenacity is amazing. This tiny penguin will not be denied and he is going to tag along with his new “dad”, no matter where he goes or how fast he runs.

Once you have finished laughing and smiling at this lovable penguin’s antics, pass the video along to your friends, loved ones and Facebook friends, so that they can also enjoy this adorable penguin’s hilarious attempts to keep up with his new pal.

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