You Will Not Believe What This Horse Does When He Gets A Hold Of A Ball


We often think of horses as being extremely playful animals and very cute if not a little bit mischievous. Although we often think of a horse being an extremely noble creature that doesn’t simply play games, some of them can truly be very much like a dog playing games like fetch, taking easy Voice Commands and more.
This video comes from a very lucky horse owner who has a horse that loves playing with jump ball. See what happens when this young horse named Buster gets a hold of a brand new bouncy ball from one of his owners.

He is a bit of a mischievous young horse and the owners seem to think that he has a big personality that’s befitting of getting his own reality show. Many of the best friends of this horse suggest that he has the personality just like the donkey in Shrek. These always fun-loving and running around getting into trouble.

On this particular day Buster finished getting a bandage put on his need for a scratch that he took out in the yard. As the bandage started to come loose and he started to run around because of the irritation and noticed the ball and instantly got distracted. Watch this young horse run around with this bouncy ball for more than a minute before his fun ends. The unfortunate part is that Buster ends up actually popping the ball in the end which ended the days fun.
Whenever he gets a hold of something like this there is sure to be chaos that will ensue. Check out this cute video of the horse doing something you might see a much smaller animal or a dog doing. You definitely haven’t seen another horse like this.

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