You Only Need FIVE Quick Minutes To Make The Perfect Summer Dessert!


This recipe was created by Ruth and makes a delicious great looking ice cream cake in five minutes. It is simple to make and fast so you and your family can have a scrumptious summer treat that did not take up much of your time to make. Anyone can do this. It is really that simple to make an incredible dessert. You will need one dozen Oreos that are crushed. You can use any other topping like chocolate chips or crumbled candy bars as a topping. You will need one or two of your favorite ice creams. You can use more flavors of ice cream if desired. Finally you need 10 ice cream sandwiches. Vanilla ice cream sandwiches are great but you can tailor make your ice cream cake to chocolate using chocolate ice cream sandwiches. Use a nine inch by five inch pan. Cover the pan including the sides with aluminum foil. You want the foil to spread out from the sides of the pan by at least a few inches so you have enough foil to cover the ice cream cake when you are done putting the cake together. Put the ice cream you want to use out to soften when you start.


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