You May Not Know What This Little Fella Is, But You’re About To Fall In Love. Oh My!


This cute little animal just can’t get enough and constantly asks for more cuddles. He just wants more love and attention, and even though the owner is doing a good job at giving him a good cuddle, it is simply not enough for the coatimundi. At first the Elvis, the coatimundi may seem satisfied enough with a couple of strokes and a few pats on his furry body. The owner thinks that this is enough attention and it may be time to part company.

However, for the adorable little Elvis, this simply will not do. Often a cat will reach over and want a little attention, but this is something that you have probably not witnessed before. Once the owner pulls her hand away, Elvis whisks it back, asking for some more cuddles and tender loving care.

This time, the owner attends to the ears, and this really hits the spot. Elvis is in heaven as he is getting spoilt during this time. Any other person may have thought that enough was enough. However, the two are obviously connected and have formed a companionship.

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