You Have To See The Moment They Feel Grass For The First Time – Oh My


Some states have passed laws demanding laboratories release animals to rescue groups such as Beagle Freedom Project. Beagle Freedom Project is dedicated to finding laboratories that use animals as test subjects and to rescue or help other organizations rescue the animals. Then the animals are loved and cared for and conditioned to live a normal life. This is not always an easy job. Some of the animals have no reason and no experience in trusting humans. They do not know how to behave without being led. They are not familiar with normal day and night hours, as they only lived in rooms with electric lighting. They have never had an option on when or how much food or water they can have. They must learn to trust humans and their own instincts for the first time. The natural inclination to self-protection is sometimes stripped away. They have only known fear, pain and uncertainty. Love and security will not return easily.

It takes a special person to adopt one of these animals. He or she must be patient and understanding. The dog will probably become very attached to them and will require a lot of attention. Even while loving and caring for the pet, they must be understanding and compassionate in retraining the animals.

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