You Have To See What He Does With His Dog Here… GENIUS!


When our dogs get sick, or when they have to get a cure for something specific, medicines are a really hard way to go with. From my personal experience, which after seeing this video looks like I used a really wrong method, I have always had a hard time “feeding” my puppies their needed medicine. You know I have always tried to give it to them like you give medicine to your baby. I either used to lie the dog and pretend like nothing suspicious was in the food. But they smell it, and if they don’t like it, then they don’t eat the medicine at all.

Well as I said we have done this medicine thing all wrong for all this time. After watching the video, I can really have an easy solution to get my dog to take or eat the medicines. I really think it is such a genius way because it is easy, convenient, and has high pleasant results for both parties. IF you are still wondering what does thing guy does that can be really efficient, then you should take a look at the video.

Let me sum it up a little for you. The strategy this guy is using is really smart. Remember when you say the others, including dogs, don’t do this, they will always do it. It is in our nature to always go for the forbidden. I don’t know why is this obsession, but it is the truth. So this simple strategy is what this guy applies to feed his dog the medicine. He pretends like the medicine is not for the dog, but the dog has to have it once the man says “NO” And what us expected happens. The dog gets the medicine, eats it, and his owner is really happy for making it easy and convenient. If you want to teach your friends, or help them during difficult times, then don’t hesitate to share the video!

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