You can’t approach this baby elephant! He has a real bodyguard looking out for him!


When it comes to family love, I guess we are all the same. We all want to protect our family as much as we can, and we are willing to do anything to see our family safe and sound. Nothing matters the most in this world than family. Family where life begins and love never ends. From what I know this is the same for every creature in the world. It does not matter if your are human, or a dog, or a tiger, or an elephant. You love your family, and if you are the head of the family, you will always do everything needed to make them feel safe.

This is exactly what an Elephant father did for his family of four. As they wanted to cross the road, the traffic needed to stop first. So the father acted as if he was the bodyguard of the family. He stopped the traffic, and made sure that his wife and the two children crossed the road safely. What makes me laugh is the little elephant that tries to go on unnoticed from the traffic. He manages to walk with his mother, and this way he feels protected from everything.

As soon as the family crosses the road, the father from the Elephant family, checks behind one more time, and departs safely with his family towards the forest. This video is really adorable, and shows us all that family is family, and we all have to do everything we can to keep it safe and protected. As you should know, parents feel overprotective towards their children especially when they have a little one. It means the world to them to keep their children protected, and happy. Such a beautiful united family. I wish all families would look a little bit more like this one. Don’t forget to share!

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