You Can Never Imagine What This Beagle Did When He Was Left At Home Alone


Beagles have strong sense of smell and they can “follow their nose to the grave”, forgetting other things at the moment so you need to monitor your beagle closely when its off-leash. Beagles are very intelligent and they are adventurous in nature so your fence has to be high and secure enough otherwise, your beagle will either jump over it or dig right under and pass through. Its most disturbing characteristic is its noise. Beagles can make a whole lot of noise, bark or howl without any reason so you should never leave your beagle alone or it could constitute a big nuisance in your neighborhood. Beagles are stubborn and they like doing things on their own terms. This is because they are independent thinkers.

The last quality and the one that really explain the dog’s action in this little video is vigilance. Beagles are very observant and vigilant in nature. Very little escapes them. You may not notice because they usually don’t act like they are paying any attention to whatever you are doing but they really are.

In this funny video, the beagle pushed a chair against the cabinet and climbed it to get to the oven. He must have been hungry. He opened it, checked if there was anything he could eat and pulled out the metal plate in the oven hoping to find some cookies. But unfortunately, there was nothing in it. Although what the beagle did in this video is funny, the safety aspect of it should be considered too. For your safety and for the safety of your pet, you should try to record what your pet does in your absence for corrective measures.

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