Yorkshire Terrier: Infant Boys New Best Friend


A new baby in the home is almost always a wonderful blessing to all those involved. Everyone anxiously awaits for baby to come home from the hospital. They look at those perfect little ten toes, those adorably tiny ten fingers, the cute little baby cheeks. The first thing everyone wants to do is see, hold, and cuddle this new baby as they welcome it into the world. Everyone ooo’s and ahhh’s and snuggles baby in… even the yorkie of the house, like in this video! As soon as mom and dad bring home their adorable newborn baby from the hospital this particular yorkie is all about protecting the newest member of his family. At first it appears that the pup is just sniffing around at the innocent baby while he sleeps so snug in his car seat. Upon further investigation it becomes clear that this pup is doing far more than satisfying his curiosity, he is nurturing this infant! The yorkie is seen nuzzling and pulling a soft baby blanket perfectly around baby to ensure he is snuggled in precisely as he should be. It truly does show that dog is man’s best friend.

Nearly 16,000 years ago dogs were first domesticated to become pets, ever since they have become mankind’s best friend. They are there for us when we are sad, lonely, and sick. Dogs are there for us to help notify us of potential symptoms arising caused by various diseases. They are used as service dogs for both the blind and hard of hearing. Dogs protect us from danger, guarding both our homes and our families that dwell inside. They are the first face we see bounding at us as we walk through the door after a long day of work. The relationship that dogs and dog owners have created is an endless bond of love and devotion. It is important to introduce baby to pup upon bringing them home from the hospital. It prevents what we sometimes interpret as rivalry between the two, but what is really showing the pup that this little guy, or girl, is a new member of the family, to love, cherish, and protect just as they do all the rest. There are hundreds of videos floating through the realms of the online world with dogs meeting the newest addition to the family. There are slobbery kisses and barks of excitement. But none as charming and heartwarming as this fantastic little yorkie who made it his duty to keep his newest friend snug as a bug in a rug. The video of this yorkie and his littlest of best friends will warm the heart and leave you with a new perspective of admiration in man’s best friend.

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