World’s Cutest Pygmy Goat Couple! Meet Charlie And Lily!


Pygmy goats have grown in popularity in recent years and there is little wonder why. These adorable little guys (and gals) are in cuteness overload! They are feisty and friendly and get along well with people and other animals. Before adding a pygmy goat to your family, there are some things you need to know. The average life span of a pygmy goat is 8-12 years and with proper care, some have lived in excess of 15 years. So a pygmy goat is a long term commitment! Also, they do not like to be lonely. If you purchase a pygmy goat, it is best to buy at least two. If you house a male and female pygmy goat couple together, you will soon have little pygmy goat babies (for obvious reasons) so it is best to provide shelter that is fenced separately. And then we are back to the pygmy goats get lonely issue. However, a pygmy goat adjusts well and enjoys the company of humans and also dogs that are in the same size range. So it is a workable problem.

Pygmy goats need plenty of room. Their shelter should have room for them to play and it must be fenced in. Fences should be a heavy and quality grade. A pygmy goat will teach you very quickly why cheap fences are not a good idea. They need plenty of grass to run in and also things to climb on. You can place large rocks in your yard or even picnic tables will do the trick. Pygmy goats will surprise you with how well they climb. Pygmy goats are curious little guys and you do not want them to get bored. This is another reason they need playmates.

Your pygmy goat should be fed twice a day. They need fresh food that is provided in trough to keep it from spoiling. They eat corn, goat feed, and grains. They love hay and alfalfa as well. You should make sure they have a salt lick for the minerals they need to be healthy. They eat about ¼ cup of fresh grain, twice per day.

It is critical that pygmy goats are provided with enough water. In the summer months they should have two buckets of fresh water, in a container that they can access continually. Like domestic animals, they require shots and worm prevention annually.

Though most pygmy goats are friendly there is the exception from time to time and both the male and female have horns.

So as you can see, there is a lot of commitment required to own these unique and adorable creatures. If you can commit to the care of them, pygmy goats are great to own and will provide you with years of laughter!

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