Woman With Alzheimer’s Told Her Daughter Something She Will Never Forget


We all love our family to extents we can never fully understand, and that is what really makes things beautiful in the long run. Love is something that can go through every possible barrier, that can climb every mountain and go through anything, really. But unfortunately, when we truly love someone we can also suffer because of that.
Unfortunately, this was the case with Kelly Gunderson, even though she loved her mother, the 87 year old woman had Alzheimer’s, which is a terrible disease that, unfortunately, affects a lot more people than what we would like to believe it does. This disease involved the degeneration of the brain, including short-term memory loss, language problems, mood swing, loss of motivation and even problems with language. At a certain point, this horrible disease also prevents people who suffer from it to be able to manage self-care. Unfortunately, the cause of this disease isn’t fully understood yet, and there is no clear cure for it. It does, however, mean that when someone in our family has Alzheimer’s we need to take care of them with special care in order to make life a little easier to everyone involved. This special care means that the whole house needs to be arranged. Simple things like the location of the phone, adequate lightning and even whether or not people can safely move around the house are important and need to be constantly checked when living with someone who has Alzheimer’s.
Unfortunately for Kellly, the disease was pretty advanced on her mother which means that most of the times she visited her, the 87 year old woman was completely unable to recognize her. This time, however, Kelly had different luck and her mother had a brief moment of clarity in which she recognized her daughter and told her some very honest things.

When Kelly’s mother recognized her, you can clearly see the look on Kelly’s face, realizing that her mother was not in a moment of clarity. Kelly herself has an identical twin sister and the fact that her mother was able to tell the difference, taking into account she suffers from Alzheimer’s, is incredible.

In her brief moment of clarity, Kelly’s mother decided to tell her what she feels for her, and declared how much she loved her daughter. Kelly had also said she loves her mother, and they both shared a very special moment that Kelly Gunderson was fortunate enough to have saved on video. They were in synchronization regarding what they felt. At a certain point, they both say they are thinking about how they love each other, and that is just one of the most heartwarming moments you will ever be able to see, so enjoy it.

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