Woman Sets Up Hidden Camera And Discovers Fiance Beating Her Dogs, Calls Off Wedding


The most shocking and unfortunate part about animal cruelty is that the majority of the time it goes unnoticed, and more importantly, unreported. In 2014, the FBI updated the Uniform Crime Report to include Animal Cruelty on the list, an important measure that made a lot of animal lovers happy that there was a little bit more being done.

Animal neglect and animal abuse sometimes go together, but are not the same thing. In this story of two beautiful French Bulldogs, Victoria and Gucci, who happen to be Mother and Daughter, the abuser tried but failed to get away with his horrific crime.

Enter Ninna, 26 years old, was engaged to a man she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life with. He was caring, loving, and the most important trait of all: he treated her two adoptive dog daughters as his own, loving them and taking great care of them!


Ninna started finding bruises on Gucci and Victoria, so she took them to the vet to check if there was something going on with their blood and clotting. She spent time away from the house, obviously, but never experienced anything with the two pets that would lead her to believe they were injuring themselves. Plus, her fiancé was typically home with them when she wasn’t there. The vet could find nothing, so Ninna was at a lost.


She went back home and tried to wait it out and see if the pup’s got better. After some time, she still found bruises, so she decided to set up a camera to see what the pups were getting into when she was away from home. Were they fighting each other? Maybe problems over food? Were they simply being dogs?

Warning: These videos may be disturbing to some viewers.

Ninna got home one day to watch the tapes, and what she found scarred her for life. She found her fiancé, the man she dreamed of spending forever with, viciously abusing her dogs repeatedly. In one scenario he is seen grabbing the dog by the neck and throwing her on the ground as hard as he can muster up. Later, we watch as he head butts the dog, and then holding the dog upside down by his two back legs and dropping him on his head.


French Bulldogs Gucci and Victoria. Photo credit: Ninna Mandin

Ninna told news media that it is a “very difficult time”. “My trust has been betrayed. I am very shaken,” she told the Brazilian news channel . “I do not know what to expect and am afraid. I am doing everything to protect myself, my daughters [her two dogs] and my family.”

Ninna says now that she never noticed anything about him that would make her feel suspicious, but that happens all too often. Looking back, the dogs did tend to act a little nervous around him, but she summed it up to shyness around the new man in their life.

French Bulldogs Gucci and Victoria. Photo credit: Ninna Mandin

Now that Ninna left her ex-fiancé, the two dogs are doing better than ever and are much happier, and safe, in their home.

Please share this story with your friends as a good reminder to pay close attention to your pets and to take note of any sudden changes in behavior.

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