With This Simple Trick, Peeling Potatoes Is As Easy as Cutting Through Butter With a Hot Knife!


Peeling a potato is usually a task that we don’t see too lightly. It involves a lot of work, it’s boring and worst of all, you might even cut yourself if you aren’t careful while peeling your potatoes and that usually happens when people are in a hurry while doing it.

Most of the time people end up trying to hurry up the task because it is so boring and repetitive. Even professional cooks do it because they have large amounts of potatoes to peel and they are never going to finish if they don’t hurry up. On top of that, they have a lot more stuff to do.

Luckily, some people on the internet like to make our life easier and as such, they have given us a video that explains how we can peel potatoes in an easy way, without having a big risk of cutting ourselves while making the whole task a little bit more fun, taking the boredom away.

At first, all you need to do is make a small incision over the circumference of the potato, one that doesn’t really go deep in the potato but that can be visible in the skin. Then, you put the potatoes in water and let them cook for a little bit until they get a little softer on the outside. When they are, drain them and place them on ice cold water so that they stop cooking and that you can peel the potatoes with your bare hands!

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