With An Old Beer Bottle And $8 Worth Of Supplies, He Makes THIS Backyard Must Have


Most of us probably have a beer bottle (or wine) laying around somewhere, which gives us a simple jumping off point to start this project. Since I already have the bottles I need, I am ready to start this do it yourself project, are you? The first step (and the one that is most fun) is ensuring that the glass bottles you are using to create your homemade Tiki torch are completely empty. This means not a drop can be left behind, so finish off those beverages. Bottoms up!
To complete this project, you are going to need the following: a pair of grounding clamps, a quarter inch of threaded rod, the glass bottle you’ve just finished, a roll of Teflon tape, a replacement torch wick, a half inch copper coupler (plus the cap), and just a few minutes of your time. From there, you will need to cut your threading rod in order to match the location you’ve selected. The next step is to attach your grounding clamp to the fence. If you do not have a fence, then be sure to choose another sturdy object in your backyard to attach this important clamp.

Once this crucial step has been taken care of, it is time to screw your threaded rod into one of the grounding clamps. After that, take the other end and screw on the second grounding clamp. The clamp is used to ensure the proper placement of the bottle. The half inch copper coupler will be much too small for the bottle’s opening, so this is where the Teflon tape comes in handy. By wrapping the Teflon tape around the top of the bottle, you are making sure that the copper coupler has the proper fit and remains watertight. Then, grab some torch fluid and fill the bottle. After threading the wick through the coupler, you are now the proud owner of a homemade Tiki torch. When the torch is not in use, put the cap on top of it, as to prevent water from leaking inside.

If you are ready to spruce up your backyard, be sure to watch this clip. Once you’ve taken a look at this helpful video, share it with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers as soon as possible.

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