Widow Is Helped By Bikers To Find Missing Wedding Ring


Rhonda Thill had just recently lost her husband in a motorcycle accident. After the accident she could not find his gold wedding band. Watch this video to see what happened as a gang of bikers goes in search of the gold band. This is a story of what most bikers are really made of instead of some stereotype. They can have a heart of gold just like anyone else except they like a cool ride. When Rhonda noticed the ring was missing from her hubby’s finger she told a friend about what had happened and he just happened to be a biker. He passed it on to some other bikers and before you know it there was a gang of bikers ready to help her find the ring. Watch this video as they go back to the original crash site to find the gold band.

What these bikers do to help this woman is way beyond the call of duty. Watch as this gang of bikers do a really good deed. A lot of bikers get a bad rap but this group put their heads and bikes together to find this ring. Watch this cool video and see what happens in this adventure. Her husband Randy was gone and finding his gold wedding band meant the world to her. Watch to see in this video if she finds the ring thanks to this gang of biker friends.

This reaction by her biker friends doesn’t surprise me one bit. I see bikers doing great things in the community. The have always had big hearts as a whole group. Watch to see how this story turns out and the bikers posing with Rhonda at the end of this video. This is the first time Rhonda has smiled since the accident and you can see why. The bikers had to look through tall grass just to find the ring. It took a little while to find the ring about forty-five minutes.

Bikers will help you when nobody else will and this story is proof of that happening. You have to see the happy ending to this story it is just so cool. That is one thing about bikers they are the coolest and they have big hearts to match. Watch to see this ending where they return her ring and how happy she is to see it. Thanks to all you bikers out there that help people in your community. Watch this video to see how this story ends. After a tragic loss these bikers really rally to help out this widow who has been grieving for so long.

This gold wedding ring is the last thing to bond her to her husband. Watch till the end to see just how special this situation really is. Rhonda is smiling so big and it is all thanks to a group of caring bikers. When you see this video you will believe too that bikers have the biggest hearts in the world.

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