Who Knew That Sticking Your Hand In A Pitbull’s Cage Would Turn Out Like This?


This pitbull was relegated to life in a cage and a sign was also placed outside of the cage that indicated his aggressiveness. The words were written in bold and served to keep him away from potential forever homes. The pitbull is a male and his rescuers thought that he was a potential threat.

While most people consider pitbulls to be animals that incite a sense of fear, this dog was out to prove that you cannot judge a book by its cover. His name is Cruz and he ended up residing at a San Bernardino shelter and was termed aggressive upon arrival.


The events that followed showcase the futility of judging a book by its cover. The majority of viewers are probably terrified for Maria, believing that the “aggressive” pitbull would seize the opportunity to attack. But Maria is smart enough to know that every living creature deserves a little bit of love from time to time.

Hardened exteriors often give way to soft and mushy interiors. Sanchez was able to recognize that the pitbull’s tough guy persona was merely a way for him to keep his guard up. She knew that an innocent puppy was in that cage, hiding behind all of the bluster and menace. The image he projected was simply a way to keep life at a distance.

Would you like to know what the best part of this story is? Cruz was eventually adopted! This seemingly aggressive dog was able to prove himself stable and he found a forever home as a result. This precious baby has now found a family who is willing to love him for who he is. Don’t be shy about sharing this amazing story with your friends and family.

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