Who Knew Horses Loved Neck Scratches This Much?


Horses are some of the most beautiful, intelligent creatures known to man. They are a majestic sight to behold and those of us who are able to spend time with them close up are truly blessed. Many believe that horses have human qualities, that they have the capacity to display appreciation and to care about human beings who have shown that they care for them.

This video certainly goes a long way towards proving this theory to be true. The horse in this clip is named Levi and it seems that Levi enjoys few things more than a good old fashioned neck scratching session. After all, who doesn’t love a little bit of tender, loving care every now and again? We all could use someone in our lives who is willing to scratch our necks the way that this man does.

While it is funny enough to watch Levi get his neck scratched, it is his reaction that will make your day and make you want to watch this clip again and again and again. The horse is definitely appreciative and as the video begins, we can tell from his facial expression that he is very pleased with the man’s scratching efforts.

Share this clip with the horse lovers among your friends and family and take a moment to show the skeptics just how loving an animal can be. This priceless video is bound to warm your heart and put a big smile on your face! Share it with your Facebook friends, too.

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