You Won’t Believe Where This Officer Rescued This Whitetail Deer From


Fortunately I have to share some good news with you all. I just found out that in USA Law Enforcement Officers are obligated to protect all lives. Which means that they are not responsible only for humans from now on, but for animals too. They have to protect, save, and rescue animals every-time they need some help. I could not be happier for animals throughout the USA because they sure need some help. The only thing is that officers have to take their duties seriously. Just like this officer did in Wickliffe, Ohio.

This officer was called from some local because they needed his intervene. What happened was that two whitetail deer had fallen into an open water tank, and could not get out of it. As soon as the locals called the police officers, they came along to help the whitetail deer. Since the water tank was full of cold water, without the help of these officers, and if the locals didn’t see them, then the deer would have frozen. One of the locals decided to catch the whole rescuing process in video, in order to share it with everyone. This act is such a great gift to these animals because they got rescued from the officers by the law.

The officers managed to rig up a pulley system with a few ropes to loop around the deer and pull them out. The whitetail deer were a little heavy, and not that easy to get out, but of course the locals offered their help to make it easier for both parties. As soon as the deer were out of the water tank, the locals started clapping and cheering for these beautiful creatures. Thankfully both animals are safe and sound, and their life will be the same again. Don’t forget to share this. Such actions need gratitude from everyone.

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