When You See These White Lion Cubs Your Heart Will Skip A Beat!


White lions are very rare in the wild nowadays. Altogether only 20 white lions live in the wild right now. It is really sad because they are one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. The reason these lions are so rare is because over haunting and poaching. These two reasons have driven lions in general, and especially the distinctive white lion, almost into extinction. It is very sad to think that in a couple of years some of the most beautiful animals in planet will disappear, just because of the maltreatment from our part, humankind.

Fortunately recently at the Toronto Zoo were born four White Lion Cubs, and they are eight-weeks-old now. They are in Canada as part of a Toronto Zoo program which has decided to give its contribution in preserving the dwindling lion population in Africa. I am really amazed to hear this because it is such a brilliant plan. Maybe all Zoos should have specific programs to help different animal species that are going extinct. WE can all give our contribution to save the rich fauna of the wild.

What you will see in this video is the introduction from the Toronto Zoo of four White Lion Cubs. They are so little, but still look so big. If you pay attention you will see that they are a little bit timid. IT is really beautiful to see how precious these creatures are. Lions are the kings of the wild, and we can tell that they really deserve to be what they are. At least these four will be the savers of their species, so we know for sure that these beautiful creatures will still be living for a little while. If you guys want to help this excellent program, then don’t hesitate to share the video. IOT is our responsibility to increase awareness of such big problems.

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