When You See Why This Elephant Spent 11 Hours Digging, Your Heart Will Melt


The villagers of Chatra district, India added: “We saw that she kept throwing more dirt into the hole than out, initially. For oddly nine hours, the Momma dug the well through the night, gradually being, exhausted by dawn. Momma frantically dig her from nine at night, until eight in the morning” Thats why they decided to jump in, and give a hand to the Elephant mother.

If you see this video, then you will see that the Elephant was really dedicated to her mission. She kept on digging for hours and hours and hours. The Villagers wanted to See what was going on, and why was the Elephant mother digging for hours. But the important thing is that this Elephant mother reunited with the her baby elephant. This is the most beautiful ending for the story. It is really adorable to see that this mother, was helped from the rescuers go help her baby elephant. I would like to say that all animals should get help if they need help. If you can relate to this video, or if you think that mothers, no matter the kind, will always do everything to save their children if they are in danger. Please do not hesitate to share this video with your friends and family. Thank you to everyone for making this happen!

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