When You See What This Guy Has In His Arms, It’ll Warm Your Heart


As the video opens, we are taken aboard the Welsh family boat. Soon, we can see a swimmer off in the distance. Is this a super ambitious swimmer who is trying to make their way across the lake or is this something a tad more worrisome? It is difficult for the viewer to tell at first glance. In the same manner that you can never be sure of what is lurking out on the water, you can also never be sure of who or what may need your help when you head out to the lake. This stranded swimmer certainly had to be thankful that they were found by the Welsh’s boat, or else they just might have drowned.

The viewer then experiences one of the most startling revelations as they watch this courageous man selflessly dive into the lake to save whoever is struggling to remain afloat. Giving no thought to his own safety, this man is a true inspiration. So few of us would be likely to put our own health and safety in jeopardy in an attempt to save a creature from drowning.

The man quickly swims to the drowning party and it is at this time that we finally learn the shocking truth. This is not a person at all, or even a scary lake creature, a fawn somehow managed to end up all the way out in the middle of the lake and their presence in the water is certainly a mystery.

Deer are not known for enjoying water, so perhaps this fawn decided to head out for a dip and simply got lost. Or maybe they saw their own reflection in the water and tried to chase, coming to the realization that this was a mistake far too late in the game.

This man’s dogged determination to save an innocent creature is heartwarming and once the viewer gets over the initial shock of seeing a fawn stranded in the middle of a lake and a man risking his own livelihood to jump into the body of water and save it from drowning, they are able to enjoy the rest of the clip with a massive smile on their face.

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