When You See What The Duckling Is Doing With The Fish, You Won’t Believe It!


In this video we see nature at its best. This duckling has decided to share his rice with the fish! It is so cute to see him waddle around to make sure he gets to them all. He seems to be thrilled to watch them rush to him with hungry mouths. Much like when a kid at the lake, this is fascinating to watch. Though we all know in nature it is survival of the fittest. But sometimes the animal kingdom amazes us. Last year a small child fell into an ape enclosure at a zoo. The ape took care of the child and protected him from the other animals until help arrived. No one would have thought the ape would react that way. But, sometimes nature surprises us.

Throughout history there have been stories of animals that have rescued people or other animals from harmful situations. Small children lost in the woods have been kept from freezing by dogs covering them with their bodies. Legends have been passed down from all cultures about animals that have assisted us. Swimmers have claimed dolphins have swum swimmers to shore. In Canada, a family pet woke its humans before 5 A.M. The cat was making a strange and loud noise which woke them up. They then realized the entire house was on fire. The family managed to escape, but the house was lost. They accredit the cat for saving their lives.

In 1982 in Texas, a two year old boy was playing in his grandmother’s yard. The family dog became so upset and agitated that the grandmother took the child inside. When she returned the dog was fighting a 24 inch coral snake. The dog was hospitalized with multiple snake bites. Everyone survived, except the snake.

Who knows why this duckling is moved to share her food with the fish. Who knows if she is just excited to see the fish swim to the top of the water, or if she feels they need to share her food. Whatever the reason, the duckling in this video is one of our hero animals.

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