When You See This Bear In The Sprinkler, You Won’t Be Able To Control Yourself!


Usually whenever you have a close encounter with a bear, your instinct should be to turn the other way and find safety. Here at this site, there has been a friendly bear sighting! Bears are usually looking for a bite to eat, but not this bear.

Bears mostly want to steer clear from any people. When people talk out loud or are in groups, bears seem to turn to the other direction. There haven’t been many records at all of bears attacking people when they are in a group or making noise. This bear didn’t seem dangerous or harmful at all (Except for if you got stepped on by one)!

Surprising bears should be avoided, but this one didn’t want to keep its distance. Instead, the bear surprised this woman taking the video. The bear did not move on, and it changed its behavior to a friendly one when it saw the water. This bear wasn’t defending any young bears, and it most definitely wasn’t defending any meal. Instead, it was just looking for a fun and friendly time!

It’s just amazing how the bear got so close to the camera. He started swinging his front arms from side to side, and he opened his mouth very wide to drink some water. He galloped back and forth and even made sure to get some water sprayed under his pits. This bear was definitely having the time of its life.

Mr. Bear laid down and rolled around in the grass while getting sprayed with the water. He didn’t seem to mind the company of people around, and he wasn’t startled by this woman’s voice either. Afterwards, when Mr. Bear had a nice bath, he strolled off back into the woods.

This bear didn’t seem to mind human contact like most bears in the wild. It makes me want to ask the question if this bear was raised by humans? The bear also looked young. Not young as in a baby, but a young adult bear. As it appears, it seems like many people may have come in close contact with Mr. Bear. He has funny social skills, but most of all he seems to be a friendly and safe bear.

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