When You See The New Police Dog In Action… Oh My Goodness!


As the video opens, we see a man walking off as a black and white pulls up, lights ablaze. The cops exit the vehicle to check on the disturbance and to the viewer, this clip is starting to feel like a mere example of normal police work in action. Before you’ve even had a chance to blink, a cute dog comes flying out of the backseat, ready to earn his keep. His name is Taz and he is just 14 weeks old, but he is already becoming a valuable member of the force. It won’t be long before the squad has to start thinking about a promotion for this fearsome go getter! This bad guy is no match for Taz’s combination of speed and precision, as he easily tracks the man, catching up to him rapidly. He instantly springs into attack mode, taking down the bad guy and making the job of the officers much, much easier. This criminal did not even stand a chance against the speed and power of Taz.
Once Taz collars the perpetrator, he refuses to let go, grabbing onto the man’s sleeve and tugging relentlessly. With this kind of work ethic, it will be no time at all before he becomes a sergeant! The bad guy in this clip is clearly going to rue the day that he happened across this ferocious police pop. He will surely think twice before committing his next crime.

Videos like this demonstrate the efficiency and helpfulness that a police dog can bring to the face. Taz was able to jump out of the vehicle, track down the criminal and bring him down in a fraction of the time that it would have taken the officers in this clip. Having a dog that works as hard as Taz is an asset to any police force, which is why police dogs are only going to continue to become more and more common as time goes on.

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