When This Pit Bull Mix Was Left On His Own To Starve, He Had Quite An Unlikely Rescuer


This is a very sad story of a Mixed Pit-Bull named Tot. The story of Tot starts when his owners get evicted from their house. I have no information why Tot didn’t go with them. All I know is they left their Pit-Bull behind, no food and no water. Sources say that the owners had left the home since 90 days ago, but they didn’t turn their heads for the dog. It looks like the dog never existed to them, and they didn’t mid leaving him alone, with no one to watch after him.

Fortunately a rescuer came along to take care of the dog. She is 83-years old and her name is Ginger Lucas. She says that she loves Tot, and she is treating┬áhim, just the way she would like the others to treat her if she was a dog. She has very low income, and she cannot afford dogs food, she couldn’t build a proper house for the dog, but she is still trying her best to provide a shelter over his head, and food for the poor creature. She adds that the dog is way to big for her to handle. He is around four-feet tall, and very strong.

She is trying to find a forever home for the dog, and is asking for help from the Pasco County Animal Control in Florida. Ginger Lucas also has dreams about Tot’s future homes. She says that he has the purest hart, and deserves a big house or a ranch where he can run free all day and play as much as he wants too. What do you guys think? Does Tot deserve a second chance? What do you think, will he ever be able to have another loving home and people who will care for him unconditionally? I will pray for that! Here is the story of TOT.

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