When This Newfoundland Doesn’t Get His Belly Rubbed, His Temper Tantrum Is Priceless!! So Cute!


Dogs are certainly far more intelligent than they are given credit for, which is why videos like these are so fun to watch. People enjoy catching glimpses of their furry pals acting just like them and this clip is definitely no exception. The dog in this video has decided that he will receive a belly rub and he is bound and determined to make this happen. The dog’s owner is more than willing to oblige, but as any dog owner can attest, there is never enough belly rubbing to make your pet happy. Eventually, we are forced to get back to reality and resume whatever activity we were doing before the dog demanded our attention. However, this explanation is clearly not good enough for the dog in this video. Once Mother says she is done rubbing, the dog throws a full on hissy fit, much like a child would under the same circumstances. This massive dog decides to start rolling around on the floor like a toddler who just misplaced their pacifier.

While this dog’s behavior is not commendable, it is definitely funny. His commitment to receiving the belly rub that he feels is rightfully his is something to behold. Watching him thrash back and forth on the ground in a futile attempt to plead his case to his mother is a sight to see. The dog’s inability to take “no” for an answer is hysterical, as he pushes this temper tantrum well past the normal level. Mommy eventually gives in, relenting to one last stomach rub for the road, before she gets back to her daily duties. Is this good enough for the dog? We will give you three guesses and the first two do not count.

The look on this dog’s face when Mom finally calls it quits and walks away is priceless. It is as if his entire belief system has been challenged. He will not tolerate this affront and he is sure to let his owner know that her behavior is not being tolerated. This adorable pet simply wants attention and does not care about what else is going on around them.

This video should appeal to the hearts of animal lovers everywhere, as well as pet parents who know exactly what it is like to deal with a petulant animal that is not getting their way. Share this video with your Facebook friends, Twitter and Instagram followers and post it to your Pinterest page.

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