When This Giant Dog Got Close To These Babies, What Happened Next


If you have spent any time on the Internet in your life, even if you are not someone who goes out of their way to seek cute videos, you have probably seen at least a couple of videos that starred cute babies alongside of dogs. Watching dogs and babies do adorable things together certainly warms the heart and there is a reason why people seek these clips out.

One mother saw one of these moments in the process of developing and wasted no time grabbing a camera. This huge dog lumbered over to her six month old twin children and what happens next has to be seen in order to be believed. This big dog is not looking to cause trouble or bother anybody, he simply wants to play.

Spending a gorgeous out at the pool has given him a burst of energy and he is in search of a partner who understands his needs. Spying the two adorable little babies, all nestled in their beds, the dog comes up with a great plan. The oversize poodle grabs his ball and heads over to see if he can find a friend.

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