When They Walked In On Their Dog Like This, They Couldn’t Stop Laughing!


All dog owners have experienced funny situations with their puppies. I am talking about those experiences when you just can’t stop laughing. I am talking about those moments when your belly hurts because of the laud laughter. I am talking about those moments when you want to laugh out laud, but you find yourself crying instead. Can you understand me now? Can you relate to the moments I just described you?

Well the same thing is this duple experiencing in this video. They walk into the laundry room to look for their dog, but they can’t see him anywhere. That’s when they start calling him. Still nothing. They call again, and that’s when they see something moving in the piles of clothes. I guess they knew what was happening already, they just wanted to see the reaction of their puppy. They continue calling him, and that’s when he makes his nose visible to the camera. Apparently Oscar the troublemaker was stuck in a shirt, like no other dog.

I am guessing Oscar here is a playful fella. He looks like he is attracted to funny, adventurous experiences. In my opinion Oscar here was both thinking about getting stuck in a shirt because it is not that fun to think. Probably he was just trying to keep himself busy, while doing something different, something interesting. Looks like his parents are not worried about their little guy because, I would think, he does stuff like this often. Maybe he is the troublemaker, and he has a rebel spirit. Maybe life is a challenge to him and he wants to discover it in the best, most amusing way possible. If you laughed out loud like this couple, then give your friends a reason to laugh too. Don’t forget to share!

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