When They Try To Wake Their Bulldog Up In The Morning? Oh Boy… LOL!


The following video shows the wonderful and grumpy personality of an English bulldog. He is not a morning person, and not above letting his humans know he does not appreciate being awoken before noon! Dogs are amazing animals. They have their own personalities and mannerisms. While some are like wild fire, just always moving out of control licking up the very oxygen in the room, others are laid back and quiet and you could have an earthquake without shaking them up. Bulldogs are known for their sullen and quiet personalities. They tend to be very laid back. Most bulldogs are “couch potatoes” and rarely get excited. They are not real into grooming. They are not loaners. They like to have friends to “hang out” with. If there was an Olympic event for the bulldog it would probably be marathon napping. These dogs fit in well with people who have few distractions. They are not the dog that will meet you at the door in the afternoon with their favorite softball. But they will be down for snuggle-time while you watch the news, if you keep it down.

The bulldog in this video “voices” his displeasure with being awoken too early to suit him. He has a distinct noise that lets his humans know that he is not happy. His complaining doesn’t faze his owners, they are used to it. They get “fussed at” a lot by this bulldog so they know it will pass. Overall a bulldog has a mild temperament and loving. He makes a great family pet.

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