When They Saw What Was All Over This Dog, They Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes


This dog was not only a stray dog but a pest infested pup. She had most parts of her body covered with thousands of tick. Certainly, it would be very difficult to adopt this kind of dog talk more of cater for her. Blossom, as she was later called, had a wire tied so tightly to her tail. Initially, it would look as if she would never get help, thanks to the new love she found from these her new friends.

Blossom was taken to a veterinary where she was immediately taken care of. On arrival at the vet clinic, attention was immediately drawn on the state of the dog’s health. The ticks have so badly affected the dog to the extent of getting rid of a great amount of its fur on the ears and on the tail. No doubt, this dog was not expected to last. It looked like a mad dog, so unkempt, scruffy and ugly.

Obviously, a lot of work needs to be done to bring this dog back to a state of normal health. The amount of ticks on its body was so great that they had to be pulled out with pliers before other medical procedures were administered. Her tail had gone so bad that it had to be cut off due to the cord that was tied on it which must have been tied for long.

Now blossom is a happy dog, she can now play and run with other dogs in the park.

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