When They Read The Information On His Microchip, Their Hearts Sank. His Rescue . . . Beautiful!


Thanks to the tireless efforts of Mary Beth Westin and the good people at Seal Beach Animal Care Center, Nate was given a second chance at life, an opportunity to enjoy everything the world has to offer. The transformation that Nate underwent once he was placed in the care of people who actually cared about his well being is tremendous and will definitely warm the hearts of viewers who hate to see beautiful animals like Nate suffer so terribly.

If you would like to see what happens when Nate is placed in an environment filled with understanding people who know exactly what he has been through, then be sure to stick around for the end of this amazing clip. Nate’s resilience is second to none and while many animals would have given up when they were placed in circumstances that were similar to him, he was able to make it to see a second chance.

This heartwarming video just might make your day, especially if you are a dog lover. Spread the love even further by showing the clip to your closest loved ones and friends. Take a moment to post it on your Facebook wall! It is necessary that we spread awareness about the cruelty of animal labs, so dogs like Nate no longer have to suffer.

ARME’s Beagle Freedom Project partnered with the Seal Beach Animal Care Center to rescue Nate who had come from an animal research laboratory and then found as a stray. BFP took him and and now he is ready for his forever home! Contact us if interested:

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