When They Feed Their Rescue Puppy, Her Response Has Everyone Rolling In Laughter.


Bonnie is a unique and special pooch. She was rescued through the Sato Rescue Organization and thanks to this wonderful group has now found a new home. Some rescue dogs do not easily adjust to a new environment. They have been abandoned and left to their own design for far too long and food is a luxury they usually could not afford to share. On the streets, it is all about survival. That can be difficult when you are a tiny little dog like Bonnie. With this in mind, her new family wanted to give Bonnie plenty of time and space to adjust to her new home and feeding arrangements. But Bonnie had ideas of her own. She quickly makes her desires known in an adorable and hilarious way! No segregation in this family. Bonnie takes her bowl and assumes her natural position right next to her adopted sibling!
Eating alone is not usually a fun experience for man or dog. Bonnie already trusts her new family and seems to just understand that she is safe. So joining her adopted sibling during meal time seems natural to her. She knows she is special so she feels no threat to her doggy self-esteem! Besides, Bonnie is one of the cool kids. No sitting alone in the cafeteria for this little lady! She has class! She has style! She can carry her dish and walk backwards!

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