When They Brought Their Newborn Baby Home, They Had No Idea Their Parrot Will React Like THIS.


Parrots as well as other species of birds can mimic human voices and sound. How much of the sounds they understand is debatable. While some seem to associate the sounds with a particular person or situation, others mimic quite randomly. Human mimicking is not contained to birds in captivity. There have been many instances of birds in the wild that roost near humans to pick up and repeat sounds. Children have heard their parents calling them to supper, when in fact it was a wild bird that lived nearby, that was mimicking a sound he heard often. There have been instances when a family Parrot escaped and wild birds have learned to mimic the sounds of the pet. That was quite shocking to the people of Sydney Australia when a wild bird in a public park, shouted to them “Hello darling! What’s happening?”

While members of the Parakeet family have been recorded as knowing in excess of 1700 words, parrots are recorded at a much lower vocabulary. Parrots can mimic up to 300 words or so. Still the parrot shows more promise when it comes to cognition. They are easier to train and some have been able to recognize shapes, symbols and even direction. It is believed the parrot developed his ability to mimic in the wild. Different parrots use different sounds to recognize members of their flock. If a bird communicates a different sound, he may be ostracized all-together. Consequently, when a parrot becomes part of a human family, he may mimic the sounds the humans make to insure his position in that “flock”.

Whatever the reason, I am sure these human parents wish they could figure out a way to make the parrot stop crying like a baby! Maybe they could train the bird to comfort the child so they don’t have to get up. One never knows.

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