When They Ask This Dog’s Friend Who Made The Mess, The BEST Thing Happens. LOL!


Watch this video and you will see this cool Bull Mastiff ratting out her friend. This big Bull Mastiff is such a rat she will have you LOL. The French Bulldog is covered in toilet paper so why wouldn’t she point to her. These two friends look like they have been running the house and having a great time by the looks of it, There is toilet paper everywhere as you look around this house even all over the French Bulldog. This a short dog video that will have you lol. You have to see all the trouble these two have been up to. This cool looking Mastiff with her tail wagging is hilarious. She is asked by the owner who made this big mess and the mastiff has an answer. You will be lol when you watch this video it is just that funny.

Take some time to enjoy this funny video and it will make your day. I got such a kick out of these two laid back dogs looking like they haven’t done anything. Watch to see how this Mastiff rats out her friend the French Bulldog. Watch to enjoy these easygoing dogs as they look like they have been up to quite of bit of fun.

These two dogs have been having a big party when the owner was away and there is proof all over the house. Watch this to see these two fun loving dogs having to face their owner and answer questions. Watching this big Bull Mastiff as she rats on her friend is so funny. The fun these two pal dogs had while nobody was watching must have been some big party time.

Take a little time out of your busy day to enjoy this short video and you will be laughing out loud. These two get into a real mess before they have to be confronted by their owner. See who rats out who in this cool video. This is such a fun video to watch it will have you LOL. Enjoy this funny dog video and pass it on to your friends and family.

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