When These Cows Are Released To Sunshine & Grass, They Have The BEST Reactions


For years the psychologists have said that after a long winter people start to experience cabin fever. Well in the Netherlands it appears that animals have the same problem, that includes milking cows who have remained in the barn for the long winter. This video of dancing cows may just be something that psychologists need to watch, it may help prove that all types of animals, including humans enjoy sunshine after a long winter.
It is a beautiful spring morning and the farmer releases the cows in to his meadow, the fresh grass is a brilliant green and the warm sun is shining down. The cows seem to dance out of the barn, as soon as they are released they begin to dance and run in the sun. Playing in the bright sunny meadow.

They act like small children who have been let outside for recess, dancing, running and rubbing themselves in the fresh grass and sunshine. To say that animals do not have the same reaction as humans after a long confinement, is simply not true. These animals are proving that everyone can benefit from a little sunshine.

Just as children do these beautiful and large animals play a tag-like game bumping heads and against others to play with them. This funny and amusing video shows that cows can experience cabin fever just like humans. They enjoy playing with each other and basking in the sun.

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