When The German Shepherd Hears A Husky Doing THIS? The Result Is Too Cute!


This video of Mishka is really unusual. Every time Mishka’s owner says “I love you” to the dog, Mishka responds with howls that sound just like the dog is saying “I love you” back. The dog does the same thing over and over. It is a little eerie and really amazing that the dog howls like it is really talking. When Mishka’s owner tells the dog she is a good girl the dog howls with apparent glee. Noushka is awakened to Mishka’s video. The look on the German shepherd’s face is just a killer. The dog turns its head as if asking “What in the world is this”. Noushka screws her face up in a variety of questioning and curious looks. Noushka appears to not quite get what is going on in the video or she may just be as stunned as a person would be watching the Husky howl “I love you”. Noushka turns her head this way and that to see the talking dog and try and figure out what is going on. Noushka’s owner tells her that that was Mishka the talking dog and tries to encourage Noushka to talk too. Noushka does not talk or bark or anything except stare in amazement during the entire short video.
As for Mishka, the howls do sound like the words I love you. There is no doubt about it. The owner may have worked with the dog to accomplish this feat of linguistic mimicry or the dog may just be more adept at vocalizing than ordinary dogs. You could have a lot of fun with a dog like Mishka. If the dog could learn the proper response to a business question or a political retort to a political position that you do not favor, just imagine the fun you could have with your colleagues and friends. Let the dog do your presentation or arguing for you.

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