When She Poured Coke Over Chicken I Was Skeptical. But The End Result? You HAVE to See!


The majority of us already know and love chicken wings. You probably even thought of your personal favorite variety upon reading that sentence. Whether you enjoy buffalo chicken wings, Teriyaki style, or the trusted old standby, BBQ, these are all run of the mill compared to what you are about to see in this clip. None of those beloved varieties holds a candle to these. Chicken wings have long been one of America’s favorite foods. They are a popular side dish to another American culinary institution, pizza, and they go hand in hand with watching NFL football on a fall Sunday. This popularity crests during Super Bowl Sunday, when Americans combine to consume a whopping one billion chicken wings.

Needless to say, that is a massive amount of wings. If you are in search of a new twist on an old classic, look no further than this clip. It is safe to say that you never had wings quite like these before. As a matter of fact, you may never have wings quite like these ever again in your life!

Looking for a way to make your wings stand apart from the crowd? All you need are a few supplies that are typically found within most households or can be easily obtained from your local supermarket. The process of taking your wings from run of the mill to truly transcendent begins with the chicken wings (of course), in addition to Coca Cola and soy sauce.

While this will sound strange to anyone who was brought up on a diet of buffalo or barbecue chicken, do not allow your skepticism to force you to miss out. The woman in this clip uses these ingredients to create delicious wings and her mother has been wowing friends and family with this dish for years now.

To begin, marinate the wings in the soy sauce for at least fifteen minutes. Once the chicken has been fully marinated, pop it on the stove and begin the process of frying. After they have cooked on each side for roughly five minutes, additional soy sauce is required. After another minute or two, the time has come to add the special ingredient: Coca Cola! Add the soda when the chicken is simmering and allow it to cook for another fifteen minutes.

Remove the wings from the heat of the stove and you will have a delectable batch of chicken wings that split the difference between salty and sweet. What did you think of the recipe that was shown in this video? If you enjoyed watching this clip, then be sure to share the video with your friends and family. These wings are certainly sure to liven up your next NFL get together

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