When Robin Williams Said THIS, It Filled My Eyes With Tears.


The little video may well capture what Williams’ thought better than the millions of words that have been written about him after his untimely and tragic passing. Perhaps one hard blow too many kept Robin Williams from staying with us for more time the way we all wished that he would have. All of Williams’ most famous and delightful characters make an appearance in this tribute to Williams. Popeye on the ropes, Peter Pan flying to Neverland, Mrs. Doubtfire as indomitable as ever, and Adrian Cronauer making jokes about a horrific war all bid a fond farewell to their genius creator.

It is indeed with tears and a deep sadness that we bid adieu to one of the world’s greatest funny men. A man that made us laugh at him, laugh at ourselves, and even laugh at the real horrors that beset the world while he lived is a rare and valuable commodity. The world lost an untold fortune with Robin Williams’ decision to end his own life.

Perhaps if anyone faced the prospects of diminished capacity and lingering pain that Williams did they too might decide that ending their life was the best thing to do for their family. We do not opt to judge Williams motives but cannot help but feel there could have been a better way. It is so unbelievably sad that a man loved by millions died alone.

Robin Williams will be forever remembered for the laughs and fun he gave us. We can hardly believe he is gone much less accept it.

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