When Puppy Climbed Up In Her Seat – Even Mom Was Surprised At Baby’s Reaction


There are few things which are more adorable than the bond that develops between a child and an animal who are given the opportunity to grow up together. Many parents opt to bring in a puppy or a kitten around the time that their child is born and the end result is videos just like this one.

The baby in this clip, who goes by the name of Eisleigh, is enjoying every moment that she gets to spend with her new puppy pal. His name is Clyde and judging from his facial expressions and the way that he dotes on Eisleigh, the feeling is more than mutual.

Their mother, Brandi, is also having a great time filming them. She captures a number of their great moments together, including their frequent naps and cuddles. Clyde and his little infant pal spend all of their time together and even when Brandi is seem filming them, they carry on as if it were business as usual.

This first year is simply the first of many years that these two will be able to enjoy together. If you enjoyed this clip as much as they have enjoyed each other’s company, then be sure to share this video on your favorite social media sites and with your friends and family.

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