When Pit Bulls Attack… You Have To See This!


The pit bulls in this clip are some of the cutest, most harmless creatures you could ever hope to encounter. Just try and watch the one pit bull who decides to climb on top of his sleeping owner and wake him up with wet, sloppy kisses without smiling, we dare you!

Pit bulls are not attack dogs by nature, but they are bred in this manner by unscrupulous owners who are looking for ways to profit off of their inherent dog fighting skills. When these dogs are raised in a healthy, loving environment, they are just as sweet and kind as any other breed of dog on the market

If you would like to see the results of these “vicious” pit bull attacks, then be sure to stick around until the clip’s conclusion. And share this video with your worrywart friends, the ones who falsely believe that every pit bull is an insatiable murder machine.

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