When Mom put baby in her jumper, it was the dog that had them both laughing.


For whatever reason, babies and dogs always seem to make great friends with one another. Dogs have the intelligence and loyalty to know how to treat little ones with the tender loving care that they deserve. Some of the best online clips in recent memory have captured dogs and babies in the midst of a bonding period.

This clip will soon be added to the annals of adorable dog/baby videos. This baby’s name is Alexis and she is clearly enjoying the heck out of her jolly jumper. The family dog, who is named Daykota, does not want to be left out of the fun. So what do you think happens next?

If you have guessed that Daykota would start jumping around along with Alexis, then you are 100 percent correct. The dog’s jumping does very little to deter Alexis from enjoying herself, though. She is not scared in the least and as a result, she is able to enjoy a sweet moment of interaction with her canine companion.

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