When Meerkats Find A Giant Ball Pit? Oh My Goodness!


Meerkats are known to be very gregarious animals. They often live in groups (either large or small groups). These groups typically comprise of several families living together as a large community. These tiny creatures usually hang out together in large communities of around 20 members (some of them even belong to superfamilies that could number up to about 50 members). A group of Meerkats can be described as a gang or a mob. They look just about the size of a squirrel in appearance though they are actually from the mongooses family.

Meerkats are known for standing in an upright posture. They like standing on their back legs which allow them to stare intently out at the southern African plains which they call their home. They are also known to be very curious animals.

This meerkats video was brought to us from Australia in the Adelaide Zoo. It is a recording showing a gang of these little creatures investigating a ball pit. After discovering the giant ball pit that was set up specifically for their enjoyment, they inspect it carefully before heading to play in it. As seen in the video below the first meerkat looks around to confirm if the area is clear for them to play in and then the other meerkats coming running to play in the giant ball pit. It looks cute seeing how these cheeky creatures gather together and appear to discern the best ways to get into the ball pit.

These cheeky creatures in the video appear to be an extremely inquisitive bunch. In order to make sure that their little bodies and minds are well stimulated, the Zoo keepers used a number of enrichment tools and tricks such as hiding tasty meal worms in/among the plastic balls in the pit. The meerkats look so light as they move to the top. The few adventurous ones among them begin to dig down at first and seem confused as to why they do not go into the giant ball pit. Don’t they look absolutely adorable? Trust me you will love meerkats after seeing this video they are just so much fun to watch.

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